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Mar 16, 2021

VSware & Firefly Learning – A New Partnership

We at VSware are proud to announce our recent partnership with Firefly Learning which will streamline the way in which teachers and students engage in online learning in secondary schools across Ireland.

In 2013, the idea of VSware originated from a desire to transform the School MIS market and in turn, empower learners, teachers and school staff to transform their own schools. Today, this remains our driving motivation. Since then, we are proud to say that VSware has become the market leader in Ireland both in terms of market share and innovation and we have always admired companies who share those values and strive towards helping each member of the school community succeed. That’s why we are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Firefly Learning.

Firefly is the essential foundation for powering today’s modern learning experience. Firefly’s Modern Learning Experience Platform liberates teachers to innovate for greater impact in the classroom and beyond, while empowering leaders with holistic visibility to drive a transformational modern learning strategy for the entire school community. Today, there are already a number of Irish secondary schools using the tool with more just around the corner.

Integration between VSware and Firefly is seamless. This means that the data you have in VSware relating to your students always up to date. Changes made in VSware to students and their classes etc. will update in Firefly automatically. For this reason, Firefly happily sits alongside VSware, as well as any Google Suite tools you may use in your school.  

Let’s take a look at the product.

What can Firefly do?

Firefly is an online tool that streamlines the way in which teachers, students and parents engage in online learning with a focus on individual class assignments, homework and tasks.

Set homework

Teachers can create rich, exciting resource pages for any topic which means students can discover and learn in ways that work best for them. This means adding text, images, videos, links and much more. These resource pages are fully customisable, yet intuitive to use so that teachers can create engaging learning content for their students. Teachers can then instantly send assignments and materials to selected students or classes.

Track individual and school-wide progress

Grades and feedback given for homework that is submitted are stored automatically so teachers can easily track progress – plus, your leadership team can see how it fits into the big picture with school-wide progress.

Engage parents

If a teacher wishes, parents can be included and given their own access. This allows parents to support their child with access to all the resources they need to help out.

Everything in one place for Teachers

Teachers can give feedback in a variety of ways, advising students on where to focus and how to improve their work without ever needing to leave firefly.

Firefly allows schools to go further every day. It transcends traditional classroom boundaries to embrace the entire modern learning experience, something that is invaluable to Irish Secondary Schools.

To learn more about Firefly, visit their website To find out about how the product works on the ground, read through some of the interesting case studies on the site here.

If your school is interested in joining the Firefly community, please contact our sales director Philip Rodgers on +01 9015522.

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