Online Payments

Try out our intuitive, all in one solution to online payments.

Accept credit & debit card payments from parents online

Fully integrated with VSware parental login. No need for 3rd party.

Manage payments within VSware

One of the major benefits of an integrated payments system is the ability to quickly assign a fee to a list of students from within VSware. Within VSware, fees can be assigned to any individual student, class group, teaching group, non-academic group (E.g. U19 Basketball team), an entire year group, or the entire school. The screenshot below demonstrates how a school can add a fee to the After-School Study group.

Parental Access

Parents log in and a list of all fees assigned to their child is displayed. If they have multiple children in the school they can click ‘Next’ to view additional pupil profiles, all from within the same parental account. Schools can turn additional tabs such as attendance, term reports, behaviour, timetable on or off.  Parents click ‘Pay’ to pay by Credit or Debit card directly from within VSware without having to leave their account.  VSware will prompt the parent to download a receipt once a successful payment has been made.

Accept all card types

VSware can process payments from all major credit and debit card providers including Visa and Mastercard.


Setup discounts and apply them to students as required. E.g. Medical Card exemption discount, family discounts, etc.


Receipts can be downloaded by administration users and parents. Schools can create their own receipt templates in line with their school brand (logo etc). An example receipt screenshot can be found below.


Full audit details are available including but not limited to balance statements, payment method, payment dates, merchant services status, and transaction reference, outstanding fees, bank reconciliation report, plus much more.


Credit and Debit card refunds can be securely processed from within VSware directly. VSware’s bank reconciliation reports will be updated immediately to ensure VSware stays in sync with the school’s merchant bank account.

Notify parents of new fee

Once a fee has been assigned to students, parents need to be notified. VSware offers integrated SMS without the need to integrate with any 3rd party SMS providers.

Create group from fee report

Groups can be created directly from the Overdue or Outstanding fees reports. An SMS can then easily be sent to parents to remind them of the fee.