The Complete MIS Solution

Realtime Dashboard

Teachers and administrators can keep track of their day as it happens with customisable widgets for overdue roll calls, absent students and today's classes.


From a single lesson, to yearly reports. We track student attendance to help you identify trends for a student, class or year group


Capture exam results and comments on the go or from home.
Build fast, launch faster

Assessment Analysis

Track and identify trends in results with VSware’s in depth assessment analysis.
Build fast, launch faster


Optional and customisable, our behaviour feature makes it easy for schools to implement behaviour recording.

Supervision and Substitution

With increasing complexity in the area of supervision and substitution, VSware simplifies this process and enables schools to input an on-call roster to teacher timetables.


VSware takes our sophisticated timetabling software and presents it in one easy to use, straightforward package. It comes packed with timetabling features such as automatic scheduling, student elective options generation tools, auto rooming, and many more.


VSware provides a fully integrated SMS module with no yearly licence fees.  Simply pay per SMS sent, and track all sent messages from our detailed analysis page.  Quickly send daily SMS’ to all absent students, football teams, after school study groups, the list goes on.  No need to sync contact details with a 3rd party when you use VSware SMS.

Online Payment Collection

VSware provides a full suite of online payment collection tools.  No need to integrate with a 3rd party provider.  This will save further costs and improve the overall experience for both schools and importantly parents.  Assign fees to students and alter parents via email and SMS.  Once parents login they can easily pay their outstanding fees and print receipts.  Parents can also view attendance and assessment data if a school allows it. This additional data will drive parents to the parental login more frequently, and as a result increase the number of online payments made.

Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Office 365 is a collection of services that allows you to collaborate and share your schoolwork. The service includes a suite of apps that are really useful in the classroom: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and more. Schools can choose to integrate Office 365 with VSware so that emails can be easily sent to students and teachers.

Advanced Security

At VSware, we ensure that your school data is secure and private at all times with features like 2 factor authentication for staff logins and advanced teacher permissions which can be controlled by management and administration staff. Read more about our data protection policies here.

Student Profiles

VSware enables schools to store a huge array of data against a student profile.  In addition to the standard DES required data, schools can store all household information, parental contacts, SEN details, medical notes, timetable data, term reports, documents (no limit to our document storage!) and much more.  Don’t worry, we import all historic student of past pupils during the migration process.

Student Access

Put data in the hands of students themselves by providing them with their own VSware accounts. The school can determine which features students have access to such as term reports, attendance and timetables. Take advantage of the growing trend of one-to-one mobile devices in the classroom and increase overall engagement with the app.

Parental Access

At no extra cost, schools can provide VSware login details to parents.  Data parents can access is determined by schools.  Such data can include term reports, attendance, timetables, and of course the ability to pay for school items online via our integrated parent pay feature. Parents with more than one child in the school will see a unique profile for each of the children under one login account.

Responsive Mobile Design

Utilising the latest in cloud technology and design practices, VSware offers a fully responsive experience.  This means that as a school you will be safe in the knowledge that your administration package will work across all browsers and more importantly, all mobile devices.  VSware is smart enough to understand what type of device a user is logging in on and adapt itself accordingly making sure the user has the best experience possible, be it on a mobile phone or a 30″ monitor.  We cater for all shapes and sizes straight out of the box.

iPhone App

VSware provides an iPhone app dedicated to attendance and behaviour. Overtime with app will grow in features, however feedback suggest teachers want a simple to use attendance app enabling them to take attendance of an entire class in seconds without the need to wait for a PC to turn on.  The app is great for outdoor attendance roll calls, and attendance on the go.  VSware also offers a unique feature for taking photos of students directly from the app which can be uploaded to the student’s VSware profile instantly.  All at no extra cost. Free to download.

iPad App

VSware provides an iPad app which is almost identical to its iPhone counterpart. The app is dedicated to attendance and behaviour with a simple layout designed to help teachers take attendance and record behaviour as efficiently as possible. It also includes the option to upload individual student photos as well as being free to download from the App Store.

Room Booking

Already spending €1,000’s a year on 3rd party room booking software?  No need.  VSware now offers a free room booking tool that links up with school room timetables to identify which rooms are free and when.  Teachers can book rooms and view bookings for any given date.  Just another one of many cost and time saving features VSware provides.

September Returns

VSware is certified to generate September Returns for schools.  A simple Sept. Returns tool helps schools identify gaps in data and provides an easy method of generating each of the required files.  Save hours by joining VSware and utilising our innovative time saving tools.

Letter Templates

Create reusable Microsoft Word based letter templates. Using a mail-merge process, the letter templates can be printed against individual students, classes or groups and will populate the letter automatically with all the required student data.  The feature can be used for term reports, suspension letters, attendance letters, etc.

P-POD Compatible

VSware requires schools to input their P-POD username and password.  Once successfully entered a single ‘synchronise’ button will appear.  One click later, and all your P-POD data will be seamlessly integrated into VSware without the worry of losing or overriding any data.

Reporting (Incl. TUSLA)

VSware provides an extensive range of reporting tools, helping schools to analyse and track data.  All data can be exported to Excel for further analysis. One such report which VSware schools get great value from is our NEWB report.  Remember, generating reports in VSware is not limited to your office. Reports can be generated on the go on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and any mobile device with a modern browser.  Just another step towards future proofing Irish schools.

Flexible Printing

Almost all student and staff data can be exported into Excel, PDF, and Microsoft Word.  In addition to this, data can be printed for 1 household at a time (avoid duplicate letters being printed for a group of sisters/brothers). You can also include a second household for a student with multiple home addresses.

Custom Mailing Labels

Every school has a preferred mailing label configuration and printing preference.  To cater for all these varying needs VSware offers an innovative mailing label customisation tool. Simply configure the required dimensions of your labels and open a preview of the labels as you configure them.