Text messages at competitive rates

Instant setup.  

No 3rd party software.  No annual licence fee, just pay as you go. Send SMS to absent students, tour reminders, match cancellations, etc.

SMS absent students

SMS class groups from within VSware in seconds.  VSware stores the most up to date contact details, so you can be assured of SMS being delivered to the most recent mobile numbers.

SMS individual parents

As well as sending SMS to groups of parents, VSware enables schools to send single SMS directly to a parent.

SMS teachers

Send SMS to teachers.  Great for S&S reminders and school events.


For common recurring SMS, simply set up templates to save you time and energy.  Once a template is set up, it can be sent to parents instantly at any point in time.

Instant SMS credit top up

Top up with SMS credit at any time and receive the credit instantly.  An invoice is sent to the school by email.


Track all sent SMS, delivery status, spend to date, and more.


Send personal SMS in bulk by utilising VSware’s simple variables for first and surname.  If #FNAME is used in an SMS to all parents, the first name of the pupil will appear in the SMS as if manually entered personally.