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The Basics

The web app for parents has been rebuilt. We have also launched a mobile app for parents alongside this which is available on Android and iOS. The Parent App is free for all VSware schools to use and is available today. No set-up is required.

The Communications Package includes two features: VS-Mail and the Absence Requests feature. The use of this package is billed to the school annually and costs €3 ex. VAT per student and is based on the number of students in your school.

If you would would like to sign up to use the Communications Package, simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will be in touch.

The Parent App

We know that strengthening the partnership between schools and parents is vital for positive student outcomes. For years, VSware has been a powerful tool used by teachers and administrators alike in schools across the country. We wanted to open this tool up to parents by providing them with a best-in-class online experience.

Benefits for parents:
- Thoughtful, user focused design
- Detailed real-time reports and data visualisation
- Log in once, no need to constantly remember passwords
- Pay fees online from home
- Increased parent satisfaction and engagement
Benefits for school:
- Always be in control of what data parents can access (e.g. temporarily restrict access to attendance, timetable, term reports etc.)
- Easy-to-use interface means time saved supporting parents/dealing with password requests
- No more term reports via post

- Accessible on any device
- Track attendance
- View the timetable
- Track behaviour incidents
- Submit student subject options
- View and download exam and CBA results
- Pay and manage fees including a bulk pay feature
- With the Communications Package, parents can also:Send and receive messages with notifications
- Submit reasons for absence directly to the school


The Communications Package
VS-Mail is a powerful new tool that has a huge impact on the way a school community is connected. It means significant savings on time and money for schools by allowing anyone with a VSware account including staff, contacts (parents etc.) or students to send and receive messages to and from their accounts.

It works in much the same way as an email would by allowing you to send messages to individuals or groups, cc or bcc recipients, attach files, format the font etc., however all messages are sent between VSware accounts, not using email addresses.

- Save money by dramatically reducing SMS/post sent
Simple user focused design
- Eliminate phishing and data breaches associated with email
- Send messages to pre-made groups (e.g. U16 Football, Class 1A, etc.)
- Easy to use mail templates
- Students, parents and staff all connected via one platform
- Always be in control of the flow of messages via - Users & Groups
- Increased engagement with VSware

Absence Requests

The Communications Package
The Absence Request feature is a useful tool for the challenges that schools face this year in particular. It allows parents to submit past or future absence requests directly to the school via their accounts. On the school side, requests are easily approved or denied as they come in via a realtime dashboard widget or the Absence Requests screen.

Benefits for school
- Less parents visiting school in person with sick notes
- Time saving for office staff
- Efficiently record accurate attendance data and illness within the school
- Give teachers/attendance officers access to absence requests
- Benefits for parents:Stress-free submission of sick note
- Ability to keep track of pending, confirmed or denied requests
- Can use in conjunction with VS-Mail to attach doctors note
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