2024 Online Training

Courses are run by our expert trainers and offer a great way to introduce your staff to VSware, top up your knowledge or learn to use the latest features.

VSware Training Webinars

Join our online webinar series which runs from January to May. Covering a wide range of topics from administration to timetabling, each course includes a morning group webinar and a one-to-one call with the trainer in the afternoon. Enhance your skills with practical insights and reserve your spot today. 
All VSware Training Webinars cost €140 ex VAT (€172.20 inc. VAT) per attendee per day with the exception of the Student Options webinar which is €100 ex VAT (€123 inc. VAT) per attendee.

PLEASE NOTE: When booking webinar tickets through eventbrite, tickets are listed as ‘free’, however your school will be invoiced directly after you attend the event.

Cancellations should be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges.

Courses in 2024:

- Timetable Training (Day 1)
- Timetable Training (Day 2)
- Timetable Training Refresher
- VSware Further Education Timetable Training
- VSware Administration (Standard)
- Administration - Advanced (A) 
- Administration - Advanced (B) 
- Attendance & Behaviour Mgmt.
- Newly Appointed Deputy Training
- VSware Student Options Webinar

Tailored Training and Consultancy

Expand your knowledge of VSware with our tailored one-to-one online training and consultancy. Customised exclusively to your needs, our expert trainers provide focused guidance and insights. Choose from specialised training options, including: 
- General training on any area of VSware
- Timetable Consultancy service for dedicated support with your file
- Timetable Outsourcing, where we create a timetable file based on your behalf based on your requirements

Contact Lucy at lclarke@vsware.ie for pricing and available dates. Flat rate per school, with unlimited attendees at the same price.

Cancellations should be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges.

VSware Spotlight Sessions (NEW)

The VSware Spotlight Sessions are a new series of webinars which are designed to be your exclusive portal into the world of VSware. In each session, we aim to shine a spotlight on different aspects of the VSware ecosystem, enabling you to uncover its full potential while staying informed about the latest product updates and news For the first batch from December '23 to May '24, our primary focus will be on the student's journey throughout their tenure at your school. We'll show you how to connect existing data to gain valuable insights into their overall wellbeing.
The VSware Spotlight Sessions are monthly, 10 minute webinars that we offer free of charge. However you must still reserve a spot in advance via Eventbrite. These are not to be confused with our VSware Webinar Series (also available via Eventbrite), which offer more in-depth, structured, and comprehensive learning opportunities.
Spotlight Sessions in 2024:

- December 12th '23 - Student AEN/Medical/Alerts
- January 16th '24 - Student Reporting
- February 6th '24 - Student Options
- March 12th '24 - Student Comms / VS-Mail
- April 16th '24 - Student and Parent Apps
- May 16th '24 - Student Absence Request

More to be announced.