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Mar 16, 2021

This Week’s Insider Info

Carol Kavanagh

Carol Kavanagh

School Support Executive

Carol has almost 3 years experience working with the support team and has come across every type of query you can imagine. She is an expert in all things VSware from timetables to term reports and everything in between. In this post, she discusses this week’s most popular support query.

Advanced Search

Our phones have been ringing and I’ve been taking note. Queries on past students are a common occurrence here in VSware.

Even though a student has left your school, you will still need to retrieve their information from time to time. This information can be in the form of:

~ Previous term report results

~ Attendance records

~ Student’s enrolment history

An easy way to find a past student is through Advanced Search. This is different to the normal Search bar as it allows you to find students who have left the school as well as students who are still in the school.

You can use filters to help you find the past student more easily. Where you see ‘Equal’ you can change this to ‘Like’ if you are unsure of any information which is usually the case with a past student. Details can be a bit hazy if the student left some time ago.

For example, enter in the first two letters of their first name, change ‘equal’ to ‘like’ and where you see ‘Enrolment’ change the ‘All’ to ‘Left Early’ and click ‘Search’. Voila! It will give you a list of students with these letters in their first name who have left the school early.

If the student hasn’t left early, simply leave the ‘Enrolment’ option at ‘All’. This will give you a list of current as well as past students.

If you want to be more specific, you can enter in the ‘Date of Leaving’ and change ‘Equal’ to ‘Before or ‘After’ to help you find that student easier.

For example; If you’re looking for a list of students who have left since the start of the school year.

~ Set ‘Date of Leaving’ to ‘After’ and set the start date.

~ Set enrolment to ‘Left Early’ and hit Search.

This will give you a list of students who left early after the date specified.

Teachers can also be found using Advanced Search, so no-one can hide on VS Ware! Simply change the ‘Search For’ option from ‘Students’ to ‘Teachers’. You will soon become an amateur detective with VSware’s search tools. Happy searching.

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