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Mar 16, 2021

September Updates

New Print Teacher Data fields

‘Teacher Council Number’ and ‘Email’ have now been added as available fields in the Print Teacher Data feature.

New Print Student Data fields

Any new fields added to the Student Personal tab can now be printed in ‘Print Student Data’

New fields can be added in Settings > Custom Fields
VSware School Calendar feature

Keeping track of events is now a breeze with the VSware School Calendar feature. This is a shared school calendar that is visible to all users. If your school doesn’t have access to the feature at the moment, just contact support who can set it up straight away.

Click here to find out how to use the calendar

PLSS template direct upload

PLC schools can now upload PLSS templates directly to VSware, so emailing them to support is no longer necessary. Check out our online guide here or go directly to to send us your file

Edit substitution button is live

The Edit Substitution button is now live for all schools. You can now edit the details of a single lesson in the substitution screen without having to delete the absent teacher and start from scratch.

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