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Mar 16, 2021

Our new Teacher App is LIVE!

We are proud to introduce our brand new Teacher App.

Now available on both Android and iOS devices, the Teacher App puts the power in the hands of teachers.

At VSware, we believe technology should be made for the users it is intended for. Our aim was to improve the user’s experience by ensuring that any changes were dictated by the needs of teachers. An important part of this was to open the app up to Android users, which make up a significant proportion of our users.

New and improved

Rather than further adapting our existing app and making small improvements to it, we decided to entirely re-invent it so that teachers could not only enjoy an updated look and feel, but could get real value from a product that they interact with on a daily basis.

By creating this app from scratch, we were able to both redesign the screens, as well as ensure that some of the issues associated with the old app – such as photo upload errors – could be removed entirely. We’ve added in some great new features, like the calendar screen which enables teachers to plan ahead and the student overview screen so that you can help your students keep on track with their attendance and behaviour.

Ultimately, this app exists to empower teachers. We want to make the daily tasks associated with attendance, behaviour, time management etc., something that teachers can do without noticing, therefore freeing up time to allow them to focus on teaching.

Features of the app

The app allows teachers to mark attendance, record behaviour, monitor their students attendance and behaviour incidents and more – all in one easy to use app.

Here is a full feature breakdown:

– Mark attendance for your classes using your device – anywhere, anytime
– View all of your upcoming classes for the day on the home page at a glance
– Upcoming classes colour coded to help you identify when you’ve taken attendance and when attendance is due
– Know when you’ve been assigned a class to cover
– Add behaviour incidents to your student’s record
– Upload student profile pictures on the spot using your device’s camera

– Have instant access to your student’s behaviour incidents
– View student’s attendance overview
– View a list of all your students and search within this list
– View a list of all your teaching groups and search within this list

– Use the new calendar feature to view your past and future classes
– Take attendance for past classes if attendance was missed  

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