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Mar 16, 2021

November Updates 2019

Mark multiple teachers as absent at once in the substitution screen

Multiple teachers can now be added at once in the substitution screen when adding cover for absent teachers. This means that if a number of teachers require cover on the same date with the same reason for absence (such as inservice training), you no longer need to add them individually.

Add students from a teaching group as actors in behaviour incident

When adding actors to a behaviour, there is now an option to add all the students in a teaching group as actors involved in that behaviour. Previously, it was only possible to add a specific student or a base class.

Teacher App – multiple updates

  • Keep up to date with your student’s schedule with the new individual student timetable screen
  • Have access to the contact details of parents and guardians with the new ‘Contact’ page
  • View an individual student’s personal details at a glance on their ‘Personal’ page
  • Monitor student attendance information on the ‘Attendance’ page. A new interactive drop down menu allows you to view the reason for the absence

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