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Mar 16, 2021

November Updates 2017

Create Groups from Reports

Users can now create a group of students directly from the new ‘Create Group’ button in the following reports: TUSLA, Overdue Fees and Outstanding Fees. This makes it easier to keep track of payments and students with high absence rates.

New Permissions for Teachers

Admin staff can now decide to give specific teachers access to sending SMS or posting notifications to the dashboard. Previously, these two features were combined together, but we have separated them in order to give you more control over what teachers can do.

Send SMS Directly to Teaching Group

SMS can now be sent directly to a teaching group. This means you don’t have to add students to a group one by one in order to send a text. To do this, just search for the name of the teaching group > actions > Send SMS.

Fees: Daily Rec Report

A new Daily Reconciliation Report showing daily card transactions has been added under the 3 lines > Fee Management

Absent without leave Widget – SMS button

The Absent Without Leave widget Now has an SMS button, so if a student was present for the last roll call but has missed a class since, the parents can be informed quickly.

Docs folders

There is now the option to create folders within the Teacher Docs and auto Docs screens. Just go to actions, create folder and drag and drop your file in.

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