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Mar 16, 2021

May Updates 2018

User Setup Wizard

The images below are a preview of what you will see when the User Setup Wizard appears on your account.

All users will be prompted to go through a short checklist after logging in to ensure that the way in which we use your school data is fully GDPR compliant. The ‘wizard’ will prompt you to review to the following:

  • Our Privacy Statement. You will be given the option to review this statement before accepting
  • If you have access to the Intercom chat feature, you will be given the option to receive communications about events and services through this channel
  • The configuration of the widgets on your dashboard. You will be prompted to select which widgets appear on your dashboard when you log in. The purpose of this is to ensure that sensitive student information (like details of a behaviour incident) do not display immediately after login. This is especially useful for teachers who project their screens in front of their class

You will only be shown tasks that are yet to be completed. If you have already configured your widgets for example, the wizard will skip this step and if you are a parent or student, you will not be asked about Intercom

2-Factor Authentication

A new optional security feature called 2-Factor Authentication has been introduced to the user login screen. The feature allows the school to decide which groups of users are included in 2FA (Principals/Secretaries/Teachers/Contacts/Learners). Here’s how it works:

  • 2FA is first enabled for a specific group of users. When a user then attempts to log in, an SMS will be sent to their phone with a once-off code which they must enter to gain access to their account. The mobile number used will be the one saved on their VSware account
  • The user will be brought through the 2FA process every 30 days or if they log in on a new computer/device
  • If a school decides to use this feature, the principal must call support and request to have it enabled for the school. After this is done, you can then specify which users (Teachers/Learners etc.) will have 2FA enabled. This can be done in ‘Settings > System Settings > check the relevant boxes as in video above
  • There is also a new report in ‘Settings’ called 2 ‘Factor Auth’. It provides a list of users who do not have a mobile phone number saved on their account.

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