Mar 16, 2021

Is the Certification Course for me?

Earlier this year we ran 12 Certification courses across the country. This November and December we are back with 10 more. The two-day Certification courses will be held in Cork, Portlaoise, Galway, Dublin and Sligo, with more to be announced for 2019. This post is to give you an idea of who the course is intended for and what you can expect to learn from it.

First, the basics. Here are the dates for the upcoming courses. Scroll to the bottom of this page and hit ‘Sign me up!’ to go to eventbrite where you can book your tickets. Remember, the first two dates are coming up next Tuesday and Wednesday in Cork and Portlaoise respectively so make sure to secure your tickets ASAP as we have limited spaces on each day.

Our training courses have been a cornerstone of educating users and helping them get the most out of VSware from the beginning. Over time, the style and format of these training events has developed to fit in exactly with the needs of the user, so you can expect to walk away from a training day with a really good understanding of all the things VSware can do for you and how to use these parts of the software. Here are some real responses to surveys for the Certification course:

‘The trainer was knowledgeable about the training topics and participation and interaction were encouraged.’

‘Excellent and engaging presentation from Conrad.’

‘Small group and everyone shared knowledge.’

‘Covered topics that were relevant to me.’

Who is this training useful for?

This course has been developed specifically for school administration staff. The course is broad in scope and covers all aspects of using VSware as an admin user, so when you receive your certificate of competency, you will be completely up to date in the areas of attendance, exams, fees, substitution, behaviour and much more.

Read the full course content here

Say hi to Susan! Susan is a secretary in a large secondary school. Two years ago, the school switched to VSware. Susan attended the admin training when the school signed up and found it helpful, but if she’s honest, she can’t really remember a lot of the smaller details of the training and hasn’t had the time to sit down and find them herself. She knows there was something about setting up a quick link to print off address stickers when you’re in a hurry, but isn’t sure how to do that… and there was definitely a way to add a discount to a fee. If she knew where to find these parts of the system, she would have her work done in no time at all. This is the training for her! But it’s not just for Susan…

The course is also really helpful for new admin staff or anyone who wants to get up to speed on the wider uses of the software. Keep an eye out for upcoming training events on our booking site, and click on the button below to book your spot

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