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Mar 16, 2021

Suggestions reinvented – a new approach to innovation

Some very important changes in the way that we handle user suggestions have happened recently. Being aware of these changes will give you the opportunity for your voice to be heard on matters that really impact your day to day working life, but first, let’s take a moment to consider why user suggestions are so important.

VSware is designed to have an intuitive user interface, but behind the scenes it is a complex piece of software that is changing and growing all the time. When we question what actually drives the changes we see in the software, the needs and requirements of our users is the answer every time.

While our highly skilled development team often anticipate the needs of users, one of the best resources we have is the real-world experience of practitioners on the ground. And this is where our suggestions process comes into play.

How it was

Because we recognise user input as a valuable tool for innovation, we set up a designated email address to handle these suggestions. Using this unfiltered method, we received a very high volume of requests to enhance the functionality of the system, and while all of these requests were reviewed, prioritising them was a difficult task.

How it is now

We have now moved forward to establish a working group forum with the NAPD ICT Committee (National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals). This working group now meets to “discuss the suggestions from Principals, Deputy Principals and school Secretaries, and to assess if the suggestions are of benefit, in a meaningful and functional manner, to the majority of schools.”*

Why the NAPD? It was widely accepted that the NAPD ICT Committee is comprised of representatives (both principal and deputy principal) which encompass all sectors, patron bodies and various school management bodies. We think that working alongside this group is the most effective way to let users decide themselves what changes should be made.

Where do I direct my suggestions now?

Suggestions are now to be forwarded to the NAPD. An online form has been established so that this can be done quickly and easily.

*More information can be found at:

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