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Mar 16, 2021

Getting Parents Online: Accessibility and Availability

If we cast our minds back to pre-internet school days, we remember notes being sent home in a diary, letters in the post, and the annual parent teacher meeting as being some of the few times parents and school staff were in contact.

Compare this to what is possible today with VSware, and the differences are vast. Busy parents can now log in at any time, on any device and get real time updates on their child’s attendance day to day, as well as having access to their timetable so they’re aware of where the student is at all times. The parent account also has some practical, time saving features like the ability to pay fees online and to enter in the student’s subject preferences for the coming year.

An extremely useful feature for parents is the ability to view behaviour notes and be aware if punishments are handed out to the student, so old methods of concealing afternoon detention (such as a poor attempt at Mum’s signature) are a thing of the past.

The parent’s account also gives access to all the student’s past and present term reports in one place. Consider how useful it is to have this tool at your disposal as a parent of a student who has been struggling with a certain subject. Having term report data to hand gives a clear overview of the student’s academic progression over time, and will help parents and teachers decide if extra help is needed for the student.

Audrey Murray who is a parent and Secretary of the Parents Council at Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh, summed up the ways in which VSware works for parents:

“Not every parent is tech savvy, so it’s very simple to use. From another point of view, it’s the 24/7 accessibility, I know what’s going on in my children’s life in school at any point in time. I know what classes they’re in, what teachers are teaching them. With VSware, everything is up to date.”he way they did it was incredible, amazing and without fault. Flawless.”

A full list of guides for parents can be found here.

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