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Mar 16, 2021

February Updates

VSware System Status Page

We are happy to announce the release of our new system status page! While we always strive for full service at VSware, we understand the realities of the digital world. Systems may go down so the system status page is your one stop shop for up to date VSware information. We highly recommend that you bookmark this page:

In order to find the page from our main website, visit and click onto ‘VSware Status’ in the blue banner on the top right hand side of the homepage.

Print data for ‘Other’ contact

The household contact ‘Other’ is often used where the other options do not apply (Mother, Uncle etc.). It is now possible to print data for a household contact which is listed as ‘Other’.

Login screen security addition

Secretary and Principal users can now set a security feature that temporarily locks a user’s profile if they have tried to log in using the wrong login details multiple times in the same day. As an admin user you can choose how many login attempts users are allowed.

Do this in Settings > System Settings > set ‘Enable account lockout for staff and students to ‘yes’ > specify how many login attempts users are allowed.

The account will automatically unlock after 24 hours, however to manually unlock an account, go to the user’s account page > tick ‘Grant access to’ > save.

Filter the attendance rate report

In Attendance > Attendance rate, you can now order the results by clicking on the arrows.

Subjects in order of subject code

Subjects in the student’s term report screen now appear in order of subject code. This standardises the order of the subjects, making it easier for teachers to enter results for multiple students across multiple subjects. Subject codes can be found in Settings > Subjects. The results entry screen is found under a students profile in Term Reports (actions > edit results).

Parent’s Guide to VSware

There is a new guide available for parents which covers every aspect of the parent user account. Parents can be given this link:

Alternatively, a PDF version can be printed off:

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