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Mar 16, 2021

Exams and term reports made easy

The lead up to exams can be hectic, but making sure that every
student receives an accurate term report can be a huge task in itself. To take some of the pressure off, we have compiled a list of guides that we think will streamline your exam and term report process in a few easy steps. These guides (and many more) can be found here.

Create the exam

You may not think it, but setting up a new exam takes only a few seconds.

Configure the exam

Configuring your exam is just as easy. You just need to decide on a few specifications, such as which year group the exam is for, how long the teachers are given to enter results and which type of comment the teachers can use.

Enter results

Now your exam is ready to go. Once the results are available, the teachers can get started on entering the results for their students.

Create the template

While you are waiting for the results to be completed by teachers, it’s time to get creative with your term report templates. You can make a ‘one fits all’ template that can be used for any exam, or a specific template for a year (such as a TY exam that uses a different grading system).

Generate the term report

Now the results are in and your term reports are looking good, you have two choices on what path to take. One option is to download or physically print off your term reports for an Individual student / Year group / Class group. Click into each link to find out more. 

Give Access to Parents

The second option is to put the power in the hands of the parents and allow them to view their student’s term reports using their very own VSware account. To give parents access, go to settings > exams > edit pencil > set ‘Publish to Parents’ to ‘yes’. Then, under ‘Parental Print Template’ select your relevant term report and hit ‘save’.

Don't forget!

If you need to edit the result or comment for a past exam, you must open that exam up for editing first. Settings > exams > select the year > edit pencil beside the exam > change ‘end date’ to today > save. Search the teaching group and click the exam button on the top right. When you have finished editing, go back and change the end date to a past date to close the exam off again. If the exam you need to edit is from a previous year, you will need to go into that academic year / data set under ‘just me’ to make a change.

LC and JC Exam!

The <strong>Junior and Leaving</strong> <strong>Cert</strong> exams can be set up in the exact same way as any other exam, however when entering results, you must do it student by student. So, click on Term Reports > Actions > Results Entry > select the exam > actions > results entry. You can click on the arrow under the student’s image to move to the next person.

New JC Grading System

For the new JC grading system, you can use the 'Custom Field' option in your exam set up screen to include the new grades.

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