Mar 16, 2021

Admin training 2018/19

The first batch of our VSware training days are now ready to book through our ticket vendor To begin, we will be holding a series of events tailored for administration staff. These events will run from October to December, with more Administration dates to be released for the new year. Our timetable training events will also be coming up in the new year, with dates for those to be announced in the coming weeks.

Our experienced consultants Emmanuel and Conrad will be on the road to teach you everything you need to know about VSware timetabling and administration. During each session, they will spend some time answering specific questions and helping schools overcome their own particular challenges. Every school has different needs so it’s a great opportunity to get some expert guidance on what direction you should be taking on a particular topic.

As well as the structured content of each course which takes up the majority of the day, this interactive element is really important for attendees to get the most out of the training. The first batch of events are taking place in 5 locations nationwide so if you’re looking to book a place, you should be able to find somewhere that’s not too far from home. Take a look at the overview of the training dates below and keep an eye on the events page & blog for updates on training days.

A note on the course content:  The VSware Certification Standard and Advanced courses cover the same content as last year’s Day 1 and Day 2 Admin Course respectively. These days can be attended together or separately, depending on what topics you would like to cover.

The Attendance Management course is geared for any staff member that is overseeing attendance in their school. If you are attending any of our classes, make sure that you have a ‘secretary’ user role at least so that you have access to all the features that are being disgussed on the day.

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