Mar 16, 2021

2019 Training dates – get the most out of VSware

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We’re delighted to announce the dates of our 2019 VSware training. Our trainers will be on the road to teach you everything you need to know about VSware timetabling and administration. During each session, we spend some time answering specific questions and helping schools overcome their own particular challenges. Every school has different needs so it’s a great opportunity to get some expert guidance on what direction you should be taking on a particular topic. As well as the structured content of each course which takes up the majority of the day, this interactive element is really important for attendees to get the most out of the training.

The events will take place in multiple locations nationwide so if you’re looking to book a place, you should be able to find somewhere that’s not too far from home. Take a look at the overview of the training dates below for both Admin and Timetabling.

Administration Training Days

Throughout this year we are running a 2-day VSware Certification course covering all administration aspects of VSware. Newly employed admin staff and secretaries could benefit from this training if they were not with the school at the time of the initial training, however this course is open to anyone with secretary access who is interested in learning more about how to use VSware and best practices.

We are also running a one-day course dedicated to attendance which deep dives into all aspects of managing attendance in VSware. This course covers everything from recording to reporting and is useful for secretaries, year heads or anyone responsible for the school’s attendance record. Places for this one are filling up fast so be sure to securing your booking soon!

Timetable training dates

The period between the new year and summer us a crucial one for both us and for timetablers all across the country. As we all know when it comes to timetabling, you must always expect that there will be at least some changes from year to year and sometimes the changes are big. You might encounter a change in the amount of available resources, if you have more students than last year, this will make it harder to timetable using available classrooms and teachers will join as well as retire. In our experience, the sooner you begin preparations with your timetable, the easier it will be when September rolls around.

To help you prepare for the task ahead, we are running a series of two-day Timetable courses, as well as an additional Timetable Refresher course.

Day 1 & 2 deep dive into all aspects of timetabling and options, so you will leave this course with a knowledge of all the key areas needed to create your school’s timetable, even if you’re a first-timer.

To register for the Refresher course, you must have attended Day 1 & Day 2 training and also completed a timetable using VSware in some previous year. This is most important as this course will move at a fast pace in the knowledge that the attendees are already familiar with timetabling in VSware. This course will re-familiarise you with all of the screens and features from the 2016/17 school year timetable software and will introduce you to new features that have since been added to our timetabling software. New features were added based on feedback from schools.

Additional Training Days

Aspiring School Leaders

This is a popular event that is designed to benefit teachers who are interested in applying for posts of responsibility such as Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal I and Assistant Principal II. If you have recently been appointed to a management role or if you are interested in becoming the school’s timetabler, this course will also be beneficial to you. The event is a ‘lecture and demonstration’ style seminar and no prior timetable or senior management experience is required.

Throughout the day, you will be given a detailed overview of the timetabling process as well as the many ways in which management can use the VSware School Management system.

A personalised ‘Certificate of Attendance’ outlining the content covered will be given to each participant after the seminar and online help and notes will be made available to you. Tickets cost €123.00 including VAT and can be purchased online directly from our ticket vendor An invoice will not be sent to your school.

Note that this event will be in the St. Pats DCU campus.

Further Education Training Day

We are holding a Further Education focused Timetable Training day in our Dublin Office on Wednesday April 10th. We understand that Further Education Colleges face an entirely different set of challenges to other types of schools. That’s why we want to ensure that FE timetablers are equiped with the knowledge they need to complete a great timetable, .

Newly Appointed Deputies Course

This is brand new, one day course which caters to school staff who have been appointed as their school’s deputy principal. The role of deputy encompasses a lot of different responsibilities. Sometimes, those who are newly appointed deputies will have come from a teacher role and therefore would have no experience with the admin side of VSware. We aim to cover in this course the key areas that a deputy will be working with day to day, and to give them a good working knowledge of how to tackle these tasks from a VSware perspective.

These include: general use of VSware, Supervision and Substitution, Assessment management, Attendance & Behaviour management & more. Timetabling will be touched on, however it is not possible to go into this area in depth in the time given.  

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